Frequently Asked Questions

The majority of our District received a new rating of a four (4), some outlying areas will see their rating changed to a nine (9). 

Those whose property has changed to a nine (9) are based on meeting specific WSRB criteria:

  1. Distance the property is to a recognized responding and fully staffed fire station within five (5) road miles.
  2. Distance the property is to a standard fire hydrant.
  3. Fire department supplied water if the property is not near a standard fire hydrant (known as water tender operations).

If there are any questions regarding WSRB, please contact them directly at 206-217-0101.  If you have any questions related to our Fire District, please call our headquarters at 253-851-3111.

138 total career staff

  • Calls responded to in 2023 – 7,095
  • Calls responded to in 2022 – 7,016
  • Calls responded to in 2021 – 6,316
  • Calls responded to in 2020 – 6,134
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