Burn Status: Burning Prohibited

Updated Burn Periods // Burn Ban from 6/15 to 10/15

UPDATE: To limit the spread of COVID-19, all stations are closed for non-emergent activities.

Updated Burning Regulations

Effective as of May 26, 2020, burn periods have been updated to coincide with the Department of Natural Resources.

Residential Yard Debris Burning will be allowed January 1 through June 15, and October 15 through December 31. This is different than a burn ban. Burn bans can still be imposed based on current conditions for air quality or safety reasons. This does not effect recreational fires.

PulsePoint App

The free PulsePoint Respond mobile app empowers members of the public to provide life-saving assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest until medical aid arrives.

Address Signs

Firefighters are often delayed in responding to emergencies, simply because they cannot find an address. Consider marking your home or driveway with reflective signs that can be seen both day and night. 

Fire Extinguisher Recall

Kidde Fire Extinguishers has recalled many of their products. Please see the link below for more information.

Mission Statement

Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One will provide exceptional service to our citizens and our members with dedication, compassion, and respect, while continually striving for improvement. 

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