Burn Ban Effective: June 25, 2021 at 8am

A fire safety burn ban went into effect for our service area at 8 a.m. on June 25, 2021, until further notice (This does not effect recreational fires).  More information can be found by clicking here.

Allowable Burn Periods:

Effective as of May 26, 2020, burn periods have been updated to coincide with the Department of Natural Resources. The official announcement can be found by [clicking here]. 

Residential Yard Debris Burning will be allowed January 1 through June 15, and October 15 through December 31. This is different than a burn ban. Burn bans can still be imposed based on current conditions for air quality or safety reasons. This does not effect recreational fires. 

Burn Complaints:

If you suspect an illegal burn, call 9-1-1 to dispatch the fire department and let us investigate, educate and/or send on to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency for further action and code enforcement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

During daylight hours when there is not a burn ban imposed. Call 253-851-3111 for a burn permit and to find out if there is a burn ban.

Outdoor burning is strictly limited to yard and garden debris (natural vegetation only) that is generated on the property.  

Discontinuance of Permit: Complaints arising from smoke or flying ash will cause the permittee to do one or more of the following: (1) Burn the fire hotter to consume the smoke, but do not add additional fuel that causes smoke; or (2) Extinguish the fire.

It is always illegal to use a burn barrel.
It is always illegal to burn prohibited materials including:
  • Garbage or refuse
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Building materials (including paint, vinyl flooring, roofing, and scrap lumber)
  • Rubber products, including tires
  • Plastics or petroleum products
  • Material that produces smoke that is offensive or harmful to your neighbors.

It is always illegal to smoke out our neighbor.

The fire department may require your fire be extinguished if the smoke emissions are offensive to occupants of surrounding property or if the fire is determined to constitute a hazardous condition.

Recreational fires are permitted everywhere in Gig Harbor.  There is no permit required for this type of burn.

Recreational fires MUST adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Shall be constantly attended by a person of knowledge in using fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Limited to burning of dry, seasoned wood or charcoal briquettes ONLY.
  • Conducted in designated areas or on private property.
  • A fire conducted on a beach or off a bulkhead must be constructed at least 25 feet from any combustible structures.
  • Flammable liquids or accelerants cannot be used to start any recreational fire.
  • Fire extinguishing equipment such as buckets, shovels, or garden hoses shall be readily available.

Size and construction of pile:

  • Will not exceed 3 feet in diameter by 2 feet in height.
  • Must be 25 feet away from any structure, and 10 feet from any property lines, fences, or decks.
  • Must be in a metal or cement lined fire pit or purchased outdoor fireplace.
  • The bottom of the pit may be of sand or mineral earth.

Residents who live outside of the non-attainment areas are allowed to burn their yard debris.  If you aren’t sure if you are the non-attainment area you can view the map below or contact our department at 253-851-3111.

Land-clearing burns are no longer allowed and you cannot obtain a permit for them. The largest fire you may have is 4’x4′.

HAUL IT! Rake up your excess material and haul it to your nearest Recycling/Transfer station. Also, check with your local waste disposal company for curbside yard waste recycling availability.

COMPOST IT! Composting yard and garden waste protects the air, land and water resources while providing a rich garden fertilizer.

CHIP IT! Some residents are choosing to chip their debris. Chippers may be rented or a chipping service hired to take care of your material. Wood chips make excellent mulch around trees and shrubs and can also be used to soften garden paths.

MULCH IT! By mulching, we can easily put nature’s recycling system to work in our own backyard. Spread yard and garden debris around shrubs, trees, and other plantings, Mulching keeps the soil loose and moist, smothers weeds, prevents soil loss and releases nutrients as it decomposes.

Outdoor burning regulations are administered by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and follow the state Clean Air Act (Chapter 173-425 WAC). The fire district does not set these regulations, but must enforce them. Our responsibility begins with a permitting process for all outdoor burning.

Burn Permits:

A Burn Permit is required for burning any yard debris. To obtain a permit, fill out the following form or call (253) 851-3111. There is no fee for burn permits and they are valid from the date of issue and expire on December 31 of each year.  Please note: Burn permits will not be issued between June 16 and October 14.

If you haven’t received your permit within 2-3 business days of your request we recommend checking your email junk/spam folder before checking the status.

Click the above image to view a PDF of the non-burn zone map.

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