Monday, August 21, 2017

Pierce County ALERT!


Pierce County ALERT is a FREE service that allows you to sign up and receive notifications about emergencies that may affect the locations you care about. This service allows fire, police, and other agencies dealing with emergency response to send out accurate and up-to-date information that they feel residents should be informed on.

Receive alerts on up to 10 different devices such as your cell phone, home phone, email, text messaging, and more. You can also choose up to 5 locations (within Pierce County) you want to be notified about such as your residence, workplace, children's school, etc.

Q: How do I sign up?

Sign up at or by calling 253-798-6595.

Q: How often will I receive alerts?

Generally, non-life threatening alerts will be sent to email only. Alerts that pose a higher threat to the community or cause significant adverse conditions (major traffic impacts/road closures and extreme weather alerts) may be sent to email and SMS (text).

Q. How much does it cost?

The Pierce County ALERT service is free, however, you may incur charges from your cellphone company if you have a per-call or per message limit on your mobile device.

Q. Will my information be shared with others?

No, the information that you provide will be used for emergency purposes only. We cannot give or sell your information to any vendor or other organizations.

Committee Information

Gig Harbor Fire & Medic One is considering the proposal of a General Fire Levy Lid-lift measure for the  November 7, 2017 General Election.  As such, we are seeking members for the “For” and “Against” Committees as required by RCW 29A.32.280. Interested parties should contact Executive Assistant Danette Weyn by July 28th at 5:00 PM.


Danette Weyn
10222 Bujacich Rd. NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98332
(253) 851-3111

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